Prelicense Requirements

For complete information on Licensing in South Carolina, link to:
South Carolina Real Estate Commission or South Carolina Real Estate Law

Unit 1: 60 Hour Salesman's Prelicense Course
Course Number OPL011001

This course is designed to help the student learn the fundamental body of knowledge required to pass the state real estate exam and to get started in real estate sales. The course consists of 14 four-hour sessions plus a multiple choice final exam during the 15th session.

The courses are offered either as a day class for 7 1/2 days each month or a four-week evening class offered four or five times each year.

Subjects for either day or evening courses are:

The tuition for Unit 1 is $525.00 including all course materials.
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We offer either day or night schedules for this class.

In order to be licensed as a salesperson, one must take both this Unit 1 course and also the 30-hour Unit 2 course.


School Terms & Policies
  1. Anyone who pays the course fee may attend this course at the Wyatt Institute without discrimination. State law requires a high school diploma or equivalent to get a real estate license.

  2. Refund Policy—to receive a refund, you MUST notify us by 4 pm on the Thursday before class starts.  If you do, you may elect to transfer to another of our Unit 1 classes or request a full refund,  less $40 if you received the textbook in advance.  If you don't attend and don't give required notice by 4 pm on the Thursday before class, you will forfeit $250.  Refunds will be paid within 10 days of request.

  3. Withdrawal policy--if you drop out after starting the class, you will not receive a refund.

  4. Transferring policy-- if you must drop out, but do want to finish the course, you may transfer to another Unit 1 course being held within the next three months.  There is no charge for the first transfer; additional transfer(s) may incur a fee.  Transfer forms are provided with your course materials.

  5. Absence--up to three (3) sessions may be made up by videotape by appointment.  The make-up schedule is the same as the day class schedule--Monday thru Thursday and Friday morning.  All missed sessions must be made up and exam taken within 30 days after the last day of classes.  Any more than three sessions require transferring (see transferring policy) to the next night or day class for those sessions.

  6. Returned checks—There will be a $35 charge if your check is returned from the bank for any reason.

  7. During class, cell phones and pagers must be turned off — not left on silent or vibrate.

  8. Tape-recording, computers, reading unrelated materials, playing computer games, etc., are not allowed.

  9. To receive credit for the course, you must get 56 correct on the national final exam and 21 correct on the state-specific final exam. The final exams contain multiple-choice questions.  There are 80 questions on the national exam and 30 questions on the state-specific exam.  Two hours are allowed for the national exam; one hour is allowed for the state-specific exam.

  10. Attendance Requirements — Attendance of all fifteen 4-hour sessions is mandatory.  You must be on time to class.  The instructor has the right to have any disruptive student removed from class.

  11. Tardiness Being late or leaving early by more than 10 minutes in a 4-hour session violates Real Estate Commission requirements and an accumulation of absence of more than 60 minutes must be made up by watching videos during daytime office hours. 

  12. Retake Exams—Anyone who fails to pass the final exam may take one (1) retake exam free of charge. Before taking the retake, the student may watch videotapes free of charge on the subject areas where they are having problems.  A maximum of two additional retake exams may be taken for $30 each.  After that, no further retakes will be given under any circumstances.   No retake exams will be given after one hundred twenty (120) days from the date your class starts.

  13. Guarantee—After passing the Wyatt Institute course, if you take the SC licensing exam within two (2) months and do not pass, you may re-enroll within six (6) months from the date on this agreement (*free of charge).  *A deposit of $300 is required, but it will be returned IF you attend all 14 of the class lecture sessions.  After six months, full tuition will be charged to re-take the course.