Unit 2 Requirements

For complete information on Licensing in South Carolina, link to:
South Carolina Real Estate Commission (License Law) or open pdf version of the file

  Unit 2 Advanced Real Estate Principles
  This course is required before a salesperson license is issued.
This course is five days of class offered once each month. The course consists of five six-hour classes. There is a class exam after each six-hour class; there is no state exam. The class hours are 9:00am till 12:05pm and 1:05pm till 3:30pm Monday through Friday. See the calendar for class dates.

Monday     Module AAgency and Property Disclosure
This class is based on South Carolina Agency Law, (Real Estate Practice Act) sections 40-57-137 (A) (1)-(4), (N) & (O) (1)-(3), (P); 40-57-139; 40-57-140. We will also examine the Acknowledgement of Brokerage Relationships Disclosure form and the Disclosure and Consent to Dual Agency form.  During the class, the participants will have several opportunities to role-play practicing agency disclosure.  You will gain the practical understanding which will serve as the foundation required to build skill and confidence into your agency disclosure presentations.

The class also covers what the licensee needs to know about the Lead-based Paint Rules on residences built before 1978 and the South Carolina Seller's Residential Property Disclosure requirements.

Tuesday     Module BReal Estate Contracts

This course is for the novice and seasoned agent.  Changes in the law deal with offers, counteroffer and other related subjects.  Those who don't know what it now requires may be breaking the law with every transaction.  Students will learn how to connect textbook theory to professional practice by reading through and discussing 16 different documents.  Everyone should leave this course with a new perspective on the benefits of a well-written contract.

Students should leave this course with confidence in the ability to work with these everyday documents.

Wednesday     Module EInvestments and Taxation

This course is a must for anyone seeking to learn how to analyze real estate investments and apply the techniques of balancing equities of property for a tax deferred exchange.  Additionally, there will be class exercises to learn how to calculate adjusted basis and the return on equity analysis may prove to be valuable when working with investor clients.  For the novice, this course will help you to be more professional in your work.

Thursday     Module CEthics and Real Estate

In South Carolina, real estate schools are required to include ethics as a separate course in the curriculum in the Post-License series.  This is not the REALTORS® Code of Ethics.  Instead, our objective for this course at Wyatt Institute is to take a look at the processes required to make fair and honest decisions in real world situations that we see everyday.

Enrollment in and completion of this course will not only meet the requirements of the Real Estate Commission, it will also help you be a more ethically reasoning thinker.

Friday     Module DMeasurement and Valuation

This course is a must for anyone seeking to learn how to measure a building, apply the techniques of identifying the utility of property and learning how to do a well thought out Competitive Marketing Analysis.  From novice to those with experience, this course will help you to be more professional in your work.

The tuition for the Unit 2 course is $300.00* including all course materials. *Splitting the class over multiple months incurs additional fees; see enrollment form.

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School Terms & Policies
  1. SC Real Estate Commission has approved these five mandatory post-licensing classes:

Course ID:
PL-1 011
PL-2 011

PL-5 011
PL-3 011
PL-4 011

Course Name:

Agency and Property Disclosure
Real Estate Contracts

Investments and Taxation

Ethics and Real Estate
Measurement and Valuation

Day of Class:
  1. Anyone who pays the course fee may attend these classes without discrimination.
  2. Refunds—If the class is canceled for any reason, you may transfer to another of our scheduled Post-License classes or you may request a refund of any tuition you have paid.  Refunds will be paid within 10 days of request.
  3. Splitting Classes — You may elect from the beginning to split the classes into increments over a maximum of three (3) consecutive months.  There is an additional $10 charge each month beyond the first month.  All five classes must be completed within the three month period or there will be an additional $50 charge per class beyond the three month period.
  4. Avoid extra costs if your schedule changes--Wyatt Institute will reserve a seat for you for each of the days you have indicated.  If you reserve a space and do not call by the required deadline to cancel or transfer, and do not attend that day, your $80 will not be refunded and there will be an additional $50 charge to take that class on another date.  If you know you are going to miss a class you were signed up to attend, you may reschedule to take that class at no charge by calling not later than 4 pm on Thursday before the week your course is scheduled for Monday classes and not later than 10:30 am the day before each of the other classes.  You must complete a class-splitting agreement to confirm your transfer to the next class.
  5. If you drop out after starting a class you will not receive a refund.
  6. Returned checks—There will be a $35 charge if your check is returned from the bank for any reason.
  7. During class, cell phones and pagers must be turned off — not left on silent or vibrate. Tape-recording any of our classes is not permitted.  Use of computers in the classroom is not allowed.
  8. No unrelated reading materials, computer games, etc. are allowed during class.
  9. To receive credit for each class, you must attend the entire six (6) hours and pass the class exam.  The attendance records will note the time if you are late for class or need to leave early.  No more than a total of fifteen (15) minutes per six-hour class may be missed.