Broker Pre-license Courses (Unit 3A & 3B)

For complete information on Licensing in South Carolina, link to:
South Carolina Real Estate Commission

The broker's 60-hour pre-license requirement is divided into two 30-hour classes. The first course, Unit 3-A, is called Brokerage Management. It consists of subjects that are useful in planning, starting, and managing a real estate brokerage company. There will be an emphasis on the "real world" aspects of running a real estate company. This course is mandated because the broker's license allows you to hire agents and operate a brokerage businessthe salesman's license does not. They want you to be exposed to this material to help prepare you to operate your business. There is no written exam for this required pre-license course.

The second required pre-license course, Unit 3-B, covers the basic fundamental body of knowledge on which the exam is based.

The cost of the courses are listed below:

The cost of Unit 3-A is $310 this includes all course materials for this class.
The cost of Unit 3-B is $325 this includes all course materials for this class.
The cost for both classes is $635 this includes all course materials for both classes.
* If you choose not to pay for classes above in full, then you can hold your spot in the class by sending a $150 deposit ($75 deposit per class). This deposit will hold a seat for you in both Unit 3A and Unit 3B. Balance of tuition is due on the first day of class at check-in.

Click to see schedule of dates and times for Unit 3A and Unit 3B classes.
School Terms & Policies
  1. SC Real Estate Commission has approved 3A—OPL011005 and 3B—OPL01003 as pre-licensing broker’s courses.

  2. Anyone who pays the course fee may attend either course at the Wyatt Institute without discrimination.  Three years as a licensed salesman and 3A & 3B are required to get a real estate broker’s license in SC.

  3. Refunds—If you are unable to start the course for any reason and notify us by 4 pm on the Thursday before class starts or if the course is canceled for any reason, you may transfer to another of our scheduled Broker classes or you may get a refund of any tuition you have paid less $40 if you got the textbook in advance.  If you don't attend and don't give required notice by 4 pm on the Thursday before class, you will forfeit $75.  Refunds will be paid within 10 days of request.

  4. If you drop out of either course after starting the class you will not receive a refund but you may finish that course by transferring to the next applicable course (Unit 3A or 3B) by completing a Transfer Form and returning the form to our office. These courses are held twice each year--approximately every six months.

  5. Returned checks—There will be a $35 charge if your check is returned from the bank for any reason.

  6. During class, cell phones and pagers must be turned off, not left on silent or vibrate.  Tape-recording any part of this course is not permitted.  Use of computers in the classroom is not allowed in this course.

  7. Attendance Requirements Unit 3A— To receive credit for the course, you must attend and participate in all eight sessions.  No more than a total of one hour may be missed without making it up in a regularly scheduled class.  All missed sessions must be made up during the next regularly scheduled class.  There is no video make up for 3A.

  8. Attendance Requirements Unit 3B— To receive credit for the course, you must attend all eight sessions. No more than a total of 60 minutes may be missed without making it up.  You must also score a passing grade on both the general (60) and the state-specific (25) final exams. The final exam simulates the state exam using multiple-choice questions.  There are 80 questions on the general exam and 35 questions on the state specific exam.  Three hours are allowed for the exams.  The final exam may not be taken until any missed sessions have been made up.

  9. Making up missed class time Unit 3B — Up to two sessions may be made up by videotape by appointment Monday thru Friday.  Morning make-ups start at 8:30 am and end at 12:00 pm.  Afternoon make-ups start at 1:00 pm and end at 4:35 pm.  If any more than two sessions are missed, they must be made up in the next regularly scheduled class.  If you prefer not to make up any classes in 3B on video, you may choose to make up all missed classes by transferring to the next class. if you transfer, you must complete a Transfer Form and return it to the office.

  10. Retake Exams—Anyone who fails to pass the final exam in 3B may take one (1) retake exam free of charge. Before taking the retake, the student may watch videotapes free of charge on the subject areas where they are having problems.  The retake exam must be taken within sixty (60) days from the date on your final exam.

  11. Guarantee—After passing the Wyatt Institute course, if you take the SC broker’s licensing exam within two (2) months and do not pass, you may re-enroll in the next regularly scheduled Broker's class free of charge.  Full tuition will be charged to re-take the course at any time later than this.