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Salesman Fundamentals Course - Unit 1 (60hr)
Salesman Advanced Real Estate Course - Unit 2 (30hr)
Broker's Courses - Unit 3A (30hr) | Unit 3B (30hr)
Property Management Course - (30hr)
Mandatory Continuing Education Courses: (classes listed below)

TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures - CORE Course (4hr)--required

1999 Calculator Power for the Real Estate Agent - Elective Course (4hr)

Module A: Agency and Property Disclosure - Elective Course (6hr)
Module E: Investment and Taxation - Elective Course (6hr)
Module B: Real Estate Contracts - Elective Course (6hr)
Module C: Ethics and Real Estate - Elective Course (6hr)
Module D: Measurement and Valuation - Elective Course (6hr)

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