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Unit 3A (Brokerage Management)  

Unit 3B (Brokerage Exam Prep)


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To get a head start: You can request the book for 3B class:

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  I understand the Terms and School policies as part of this agreement. I am keeping a copy for my records.
  I understand #3 of the Terms and School policies require me to give 'timely notice' or forfeit $75 if I do not show.

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710 E. North Street Greenville, SC 29601  |  (864) 233-1514 or 1-800-922-9252 Fax (864) 233-0308

These terms and school policies are considered to be a part of the 3A & 3B Enrollment Agreement.

  1. SC Real Estate Commission has approved 3A—OPL011005 and 3B—OPL01003 as pre-licensing broker’s courses.

  2. Anyone who pays the course fee may attend either course at the Wyatt Institute without discrimination.  Three years as a licensed salesman and 3A & 3B are required to get a real estate broker’s license in SC.

  3. Refunds—If the course is canceled for any reason, you may transfer to another of our scheduled Unit 3A or 3B classes or you may get a refund of any tuition you have paid less $40 if you got the textbook for 3B in advance. If you are unable to start the course for any reason and notify us by 4 pm on the Thursday before class starts, you may transfer to another of our scheduled Broker classes or you may request a refund of any tuition you have paid less $40 if you got the textbook in advance.  If you don’t attend and don’t give required notice by 4 pm on the Thursday before class, you will forfeit $75 (per class).  Refunds will be paid within 10 days of request.TIMELY NOTICE

  4. If you drop out of either course after attending the first class you will not receive a refund but you may finish that course by transferring to the next applicable course (Unit 3A or 3B) by immediately notifying Wyatt Institute in writing.  Transfer forms are available by request.  These courses are held twice each year approximately every six months.

  5. Returned checks—There will be a $35 charge if your check is returned from the bank for any reason.

  6. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off during class.  Tape-recording any part of this course is not permitted.  Use of computers in the classroom is not allowed in this course.

  7. Attendance Requirements Unit 3A— To receive credit for the course, you must attend and participate in all eight sessions.  No more than a total of one hour may be missed without making it up in a regularly scheduled class.  All missed sessions must be made up during the next regularly scheduled class.  There is no video make up for 3A.

  8. Attendance Requirements Unit 3B— To receive credit for the course, you must attend all eight sessions. No more than a total of two hours may be missed without making it up.  You must also score a passing grade on both the general and the state-specific final exams. The final exam simulates the state exam using multiple-choice questions.  There are 80 questions on the general exam and 35 questions on the state specific exam.  Three hours are allowed for the exams.  The final exam may not be taken until the missed sessions have been made up

  9. Making up missed class time Unit 3B — Up to two sessions may be made up at the office by appointment Monday thru Thursday and Friday mornings only.  Morning make-ups start at 8:30am and end at 12:05pm.  Afternoon make-ups start at 1:05pm and end at 4:40pm.  If any more than two sessions are missed, they must be made up in the next regularly scheduled class. When making up classes, please bring head phones or ear buds with you.  If you prefer not to make up any classes in 3B, you may choose to make up all missed classes by attending the next class.

  10. Retake Exams—Anyone who fails to pass the final exam in 3B may take one (1) retake exam free of charge. Before taking the retake, the student may watch videotapes free of charge on the subject areas where they are having problems.  The retake exam must be taken within sixty (60) days from the date on your final exam.

  11. Guarantee—After passing the Wyatt Institute course, if you take the SC broker’s licensing exam within two (2) months and do not pass, you may re-enroll in the next regularly scheduled Broker class free of charge.  Full tuition will be charged to re-take the course if you wait later than this.

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