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ENROLL ME IN: SALESMAN'S Unit 2 SERIES (Modules A-E)  (see schedule)

  Unit 2 Daily Topics


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Agency and Property Disclosure (Module A) Monday

Real Estate Contracts  (Module B) Tuesday


Investment and Taxation (Module E) Wednesday


Ethics and Real Estate  (Module C) Thursday


Measurement and Valuation  (Module D) Friday

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    Checks, Cash, and Money Orders accepted at main office
    or by mail.

I UNDERSTAND that splitting modules will cost me an additional $10/each month. I plan to attend one or more days over multiple months.  A date for All 5 module choices must be selected before submitting.  Payment in full is due at the first class.


I understand I can also choose to "pay as I go" and the cost will be $80 per class.

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  I understand the Terms and School policies as part of this agreement. I am keeping a copy for my records.
  I understand #5 of the Terms and School policies require me to give 'timely notice' or forfeit tuition paid.

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710 E. North Street Greenville, SC 29601  |  (864) 233-1514 or 1-800-922-9252 Fax (864) 233-0308

These terms and school policies are considered to be a part of the Unit 2 Enrollment Agreement.

Unit 2 consists of the five modules listed below.  SC Real Estate Commission has approved these five modules.

Module A     Monday          Agency and Property Disclosure

Module B     Tuesday          Real Estate Contracts

Module E     Wednesday     Investment and Taxation

Module C     Thursday         Ethics and Real Estate

Module D     Friday             Measurement and Valuation

1.  Anyone who pays the class fee may attend these classes without discrimination.

2. Refund Policy—to receive a refund, you MUST notify us by 4 pm on the Thursday before class starts.  If you do, you may elect to transfer to another of our Unit 2 classes or request a full refund.  Refunds will be paid within 10 days of request.  If you don't attend Module A on Monday and don't give notice by 4 pm on the Thursday before class, you will forfeit $150.

3.  Withdrawal policy--if you drop out after starting the class, you will not receive a refund; however, you may transfer to another class.

4.  Transferring--After starting class, transferring to any of the other modules in another month requires notice not later than 10:30 am on the day before the module you will miss is scheduled.  Transferring with timely notice will be treated the same as splitting.

5.  Splitting—You may elect to split the modules over a maximum of five (5) consecutive months.  The cost for splitting is $10 per additional month.  All five modules must be completed within the five-month period or there will be an additional $50 charge per module beyond the five-month period.

6.  Attendance Requirements/Tardiness--To receive credit for each module, you must attend the entire *six (6) hours and pass the module exam.  A maximum of fifteen (15) minutes per 6-hour module may be missed.  There is no way to make up time missed exceeding 15 minutes.

7.  Returned checks—There will be a $35 charge if your check is returned from the bank for any reason.

8.  Module Exams--There is a 20-question multiple choice exam at the end of each module.  The minimum passing score is 70% or 14 questions correct.  Anyone who fails to get 14 questions correct will be given a makeup exam as soon as the class is over on that same day.

9.  During class, cell phones must be turned off--not left on silent or vibrate.  Tape-recording any of our classes is not permitted.  Use of computers in the classroom is not allowed.

10.  No unrelated reading materials, computer games, etc., are allowed during class.

11.  The instructor has the right to have any disruptive student removed from class.

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